Recent Table of Contents – September 2016

Canadian Intellectual Property Review/Revue canadienne de propriété intellectuelle– Volume 32 no. 1 (June 2016)
Canadian Journal of Women and the Law/Revue femmes et droit– Volume 28 no. 2 (2016)
Dalhousie Law Journal– Volume 39 no. 1 (Spring 2016)
Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal– Volume 35 no. 4 (August 2016)
Journal of Environmental Law and Practice– Volume 28 no. 3 (August 2016)
McGill Law Journal/Revue de droit de McGill- Volume 51 no. 2 (December 2015)

Canadian Intellectual Property Review/Revue canadienne de propriété intellectuelle
Volume 32 no. 1 (June 2016)


  • The User-Generated Content Exception : Moving Away from a Non-Commercial Requirement
    • Mariam Awan, 3-
  • What Qualifies as Joint Authorship of Software?
    • Richard Stobbe, 25-
  • Le 50e anniversaire du régime allemand de copie privée : Les difficultés des exceptions rémunérées
    • Ysolde Gendreau, 43-
  • Plant Breeders’ Rights in Canada
    • Serge Lapointe and Nicholas Torti, 53-
  • Haunted by the Spirit of the Invention: Recent Examination Guidelines from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for Medical Diagnostics Channel the Spectre of Contribution Analysis
    • Graeme R.B. Boocock, 71-
  • Utility : Unravelling the Real Differences with Our Closest Trading Partner
    • Wendy Lamson, 121-


  • Process for Choosing and Vetting an Expert Witness in Patent Cases
    • Gunars A. Gaikis, Andrew E. Mandlsohn, and Shirley Liang, 175-

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law/Revue femmes et droit
Volume 28 no. 2 (2016)



  • Sexual Violence and Colonialism : Reflections on the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women / Violence sexualisée et colonialisme : réflexions relatives à l’enquête sur les femmes autochtones disparues et assassinées
    • Sherene H. Razack, i-


  • Shining Light on the Dark Places : Addressing Police Racism and Sexualized Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls in the National Inquiry
    • Pamela Palmer, 253-
  • Gendering Disposability
    • Sherene H. Razack, 285-
  • A Long Road Behind Us, a Long Road Ahead : Towards an Indigenous Feminist National Inquiry
    • Cherry Smiley, 308-
  • Indian Act Sex Discrimination : Enough Inquiry Already, Just Fix It
    • Gwen Brodsky, 314-
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis : Technological Dimensions
    • Jane Bailey and Sara Shayan, 321-
  • Balancing Transparency and Accountability with Privacy in Improving the Police Handling of Sexual Assaults
    • Amy Conroy and Teresa Scassa, 342-
  • Public Inquiries and Law Reform Institutions : “Truth Finding” and “Truth Producing”
    • Nathalie Des Rosiers, 374-
  • The Berger Inquiry in Retrospect : Its Legacy
    • Stephen Goudge, 393-
  • Summary Report of the Symposium / Document final du Symposium
  • Feminist Alliance for International Action and Native Women’s Association of Canada, 408-


  • Looking for Ashley : Re-Reading What the Smith Case Reveals about the Governance of Girls, Mothers and Families in Canada (Bradford : Demeter Press, 2015) Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich
    • Josephine L. Savarese, 452-
  • Dying from Improvement : Inquests and Inquiries into Indigenous Deaths in Custody (Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015) Sherene H. Razack
    • Sarah Buhler, 457-

Dalhousie Law Journal
Volume 39 no. 1 (Spring 2016)


  • Death to Semelhago!
    • Bruce Ziff, 1-
  • Of Lodestars and Lawyers : Incorporating the Duty of Loyalty into the Model Code of Conduct
    • Colin Jackson, Richard Devlin & Brent Cotter, 37-
  • Nom de Plume : Who Writes the Supreme Court’s “By the Court” Judgments?
    • Peter McCormick, 77-
  • Limiting the Legal Liability of Religious Institutions for their Clergy : Cavanaugh v. Grenville Christian College
    • M.H. Ogilvie, 129-
  • Agonizing Identity in Mental Health Law and Policy (Part II) : A Political Taxonomy of Psychiatric Subjectification
    • Sheila Wildeman, 147-
  • High Freshets and Low-Lying Farms : Property Law and St. John River Flooding in Colonial New Brunswick
    • Jason Hall, 195-
  • Doctoral Studies in Law : From the Inside Out
    • Dia Dabby, Bethany Hastie & Jocelyn Stacey, 221-
  • Public Institutions as Defamation Plaintiffs
    • Hilary Young, 249-
  • Legal Barriers to Age Discrimination in Hiring Complaints
    • Pnina Alon-Shenker, 289-
  • Not Ideas of the Thing but the Thing Itself : Imagining a Support Group for Separated and Divorced Fathers as a Site of Legal Education
    • Thomas McMorrow, 327-


  • Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law (Toronto : Irwin Law, 2015) Vaughan Black, Peter Sankoff & Katie Sykes, eds.
    • Sabrina Tremblay-Huet, 349-

Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal
Volume 35 no. 4 (August 2016)

Clayton v. Clayton in the New Zealand Supreme Court : It’s Hard to Keep a Good Court Down

  • Joel Nitikman, 333-


  • Charity Law Update – Testamentary Charitable Giving – The New Regime and Other Legislative Changes
    • M. Elena Hoffstein, 343-


  • The Shift to Jointly-Governed Pension Plans : A Discussion of Fiduciary Obligations and Duty of Fair Representation of Unions
    • Jason R. Paquette, 363-
  • Undue Influence and the Lawyer’s Dilemma
    • Laurie Redden, 393-


  • Estate Trustees Making Testamentary Purchases : How to Hold title?
    • James Anderson, 401-

Journal of Environmental Law and Practice
Volume 28 no. 3 (August 2016)


  • Watching a Whale’s Tale : The Protection of Cetaceans in Canada
    • Larry A. Reynolds, 259-
  • The Lac-Mégantic Disaster and Transport Canada’s Safety Management System (SMS) Model : Implications for Reflexive Regulatory Regimes
    • Mark Winfield, 299-
  • Raging Against the Dying of the Light
    • Hugo Tremblay, 333-
  • Infrastructure, Governance and Global Energy Futures : Regulating the Oil Sands Pipelines
    • Alastair R. Lucas & Chidinma B. Thompson, 355-

McGill Law Journal/Revue de droit de McGill
Volume 51 no. 2 (December 2015)


  • The Fractured Right to Vote : Democracy, Discretion, and Designing Electoral Districts
    • Michael Pal, 231-
  • Victim Pays Damages to Tortfeasor : The When and Wherefore
    • Benjamin Shmueli and Yuval Sinai, 275-
  • L’interaction entre le droit civil et le droit du travail et ses effets pratiques sur le travail atypique : le rôle du contrat dans l’accès aux régimes de protection des travailleurs
    • Graciela Barrère et Guylaine Vallée, 333-
  • Les lois spéciales de retour au travail : enjeux institutionnels et constitutionnels
    • Renée-Claude Drouin et Gilles Trudeau, 387-


  • Les principes généraux de la justice civile et le nouveau Code de procédure civile
    • Frédéric Bachand, 447-