Older Canadian Legislation

Links updated July 2019


Early Canadiana Online (ECO) - ECO contains both historical Bills and Debates from the Canadian Parliament. While the Debates are free to access online, the Bills are accessible through the University of Toronto Library system.

Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC) - LLMC provides online access to some federal legislative resources and Constitutional resources. This site is accessible through the University of Toronto Library system. 

HeinOnline - HeinOnline contains the Revised Statutes of Canada and annual statutes. This site is accessible through the University of Toronto Library system.

Internet Archive - The Internet Archive provides free access to older Federal legislation and legislative materials, including some Revised Statutes, sessional papers, and statutory orders. Site access is free.   

British Columbia

A Guide to Legislation and the Legislative Process in British Columbia - This document was prepared by the Office of Legislative Counsel, Ministry of Attorney General, Province of British Columbia. The document is devided in to three sections, The Creation of Legislative Policy, Drafting Legislation and Enactment of Law and provides a nice overview of the BC legislative process.

The British Columbia Reports - The British Columbia Reports are part of the BC History Digital Collections at the UBC Archives. "The British Columbia Reports is a law report series that was first published in 1884 by the Law Society of British Columbia, with judgments dating back to 1867. The series ceased publication in 1948. This collection includes the full text of all decisions published in the series." (The British Columbia Reports website).

Table of Local and Private British Columbia Statutes 1872-2008 - This table is provided by Courthouse Libraries BC, they are a "non-profit organization providing legal information services to the legal community and the public of BC." This table lists all private, public and unconsolidated acts as well as all their amendments and citations.


The Alberta Law Collection - The Alberta Law Collection is part of The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project and provides online access to the following
Statutes up until 1990
Legislative Assembly Bills
Debates and Journals
The Alberta Gazette
Ordinances of the Northwest Territories


Internet Archives - The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has digitized and added over 1000 documents to the Internet Archives. These documents include Journals dating back to 1871, General Indexes to Journals and Sessional Papers dating back to 1867, Committee Reports, Special Reports, Hansards, and Sessional Papers pre 1900. The Legislative Library will continue to add documents to the Internet Archives until their entire collection is digitized.
  • The Law Society of Upper Canada Great Library provides a detailed list of material available in the Internet Archive,"On The Web: Where to Find Canadian Legislation"  which has direct links to individual volumes of statutes and regulations

Early Canadiana Online: ECO has close to 100 documents scanned that relate to the Legislative History of Ontario. These documents range from Bills, Statutes, and Regulations.

New Brunswick

Early Canadiana Online(ECO)

Please be advised that the following EOC items require a UTOR ID.

Prince Edward Island

Early Canadiana Online

The Archives PEI - the APEI offers access to some historical documents in microfilm or text format. If you would like further information please contact them through their website.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Early Canadiana Online

ECO has a small collection of Newfoundland and Labrador Legislative material.

The Rooms Provincial Archives - unfortunately The Rooms does not have an online collection but "archival government records are available for research at The Rooms Provincial Archives, subject to the provisions of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act" as stated on their website.


Multijurisdictional Collections 

Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC) The LLMC is a U.S. based consortium but does provide online access to historical federal, provincial and territorial legislation.  This site must be accessed through the University of Toronto Library System.