Recent Table of Contents – July 2017

The Advocate’s Quarterly– Volume 47 no. 1 (June 2017)
Canadian Business Law Journal– Volume 59 no. 2 (June 2017)
Canadian Criminal Law Review/Revue canadienne de droit pénal – Volume 22 no. 2 (June 2017)
Canadian Family Law Quarterly/Cahier trimestriel de droit de la famille Canada – Volume 36 no. 2 (June 2017)
Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice/Revue canadienne de droit administratif et de pratique – Volume 30 no. 2 (June 2017)
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Revue canadienne de criminologie et de justice pénale – Volume 59 no. 3 (July 2017)
Canadian Journal of Family Law/Revue canadienne de droit familial – Volume 30 no. 1 (2017)
Canadian Public Administration/Administration publique du Canada – Volume 60 no. 2 (June 2017)
Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques – Volume 42 no. 2 (June 2017)
Constitutional Law/Droit constitutionnel - Volume 37 no. 2 (June 2017)
Relations industrielles/Industrial relations – Volume 72 no. 2 (Spring 2017)
University of British Columbia Law Review – Volume 50 no. 2 (June 2017)
University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 67 no. 3 (Summer 2017)
Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues/Revue des affaires juridiques et socials de Windsor - Volume38 (May2017)

The Advocate’s Quarterly
Volume 47 no. 1 (June 2017)


  • A Review of the Mutual Wills Doctrine : Applicability of the Doctrine and Available Damages for Breach of a Mutual Wills Agreement
    • Andrea Buncic, 1-
  • A Brief History of Arbitration
    • William G. Horton, 12-
  • The Impact of Alternative Fee Structures on Settlement
    • Caroline E. Abela and Nabila Khan, 26-
  • Two Heads are Better Than One : A Settlement Counsel Primer
    • Mitchell Rose and Paul Neil Feldman, 36-
  • Punctuating Social Trends : Re-Examining Reibl v. Hughes and the Emergence of the Doctrine of Informed Consent in Canadian Law
    • Yola S. Ventresca, 50-
  • Duties of Care Owed by Public Bodies : A Different Perspective
    • Hillel David, W. Paul McCague and Peter F. Yaniszewski, 81-


  • Dealing with Incivility from Other Counsel
    • Mana Khami, 111-

Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 59 no. 2 (June 2017)


  • Proposals for Changes to the Canadian Personal Property Security Acts
    • Ronald C.C. Cuming, Tamara Buckwold, Anthony Duggan, Catherine Walsh, Roderick J. Wood and Clayton Bangsund, 145-


  • Causation in Negligence (Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015) Sarah Green
    • Erika Chamberlain, 243-
  • Contract Law and Contract Practice : Bridging the Gap Between Legal Reasoning and Commercial Expectation (Oxford, U.K. and Portland, Oregon : Hart Publishing, 2013) Catherine Mitchell
    • Angela Swan, 253-
  • The Canadian Law of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution (Markham, Ontario : LexisNexis Canada, 2014) Mitchell McInnes
    • Michael Bryan, 261-

Canadian Criminal Law Review/Revue canadienne de droit penal
Volume 22 no. 2 (June 2017)


  • The (Differential) Utilization of Conditional Sentences among Aboriginal Offenders in Canada
    • Andrew A. Reid, 133-
  • Défendre un accusé pendant un procès pour génocide, crimes contre l’humanité et crimes de guerre au Canada : mission impossible?
    • Fannie Lafontaine et Fabrice Bousquet, 159-
  • Hope for Murderers? International Guidance on Interpreting the Protecting Canadians by Ending Sentence Discounts for Multiple Murders Act
    • Derek Spencer, 207-


  • Cross-Examination : The Art of the Advocate.  4th ed. (Toronto : LexisNexis, 2016) The Hon. Roger E. Salhany, M.D. Edelson and Hon. W.V. Clifford
    • Gilles Renaud, 235-

Canadian Family Law Quarterly/Cahier trimestriel de droit de la famille Canada
Volume 36 no. 2 (June 2017)


  • Arbitration of Family Law Disputes in British Columbia
    • John-Paul Boyd, 139-
  • The Child and Family Services Act in Relation to Indigenous Children : Does it Measure up to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report?
    • Hilary Brown, 171-
  • Keeping it in the Family : A Case Against the Retroactive Disclosure of Adoption Records
    • Justin Abrioux, 193-


  • Balev v. Baggott : The Child’s Perspective in Determining Habitual Residence
    • Martha Bailey, 227-


  • Swarm Before Me : The Tragic Case of Becker v Pettkus (Victoria : Friesen Press, 2015) Samuel Schwisberg
    • Mitchell McInnes, 233-

Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice/Revue canadienne de droit administratif et de pratique
Volume 30 no. 2 (June 2017)


  • A Legal-Empirical Analysis of Substantive Review : Findings from the British Columbia Courts
    • Diana Ginn, William Lahey and Madison Veinotte, 173-
  • Administering the Charter, Proportioning Justice : Thirty-five Years of Development in a Nutshell
    • May Liston, 211-
  • Duties Administrative Tribunals Owe All Parties
    • Graham J. Clarke, 247-


  • Supreme Court Affirms Quasi-Constitutional Status of Solicitor-Client Privilege : Alberta (Information and Privacy Commissioner) v. University of Calgary
    • Linda Naidoo, 297-

Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Revue canadienne de criminologie et de justice pénale
Volume 59 no. 3 (July 2017)


  • Race Matters: Public Views on Sentencing
    • Anne-Marie Singh and Jane B. Sprott, 285-
  • Aboriginal Incarceration in Canada since 1978 : Every Picture Tells the Same Story
    • Julian V. Roberts and Andrew A. Reid, 313-
  • The Social Environment of Daily Life and Perceptions of Police and/or Court Discrimination among African, Caribbean, and Black Youth
    • Amy Peirone, Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale, Kenny Gbadebo, and Jelani Kerr, 346-
  • Visitor Inflows and Police Use of Force in a Canadian City
    • Rémi Boivin and Patricia Obartel, 373-
  • Traitement des plaintes d’agression sexuelle envers les enfants dans le système de justice criminel Québécois
    • Agnès Alonzo-Proulx et Mireille Cyr, 397-


Canadian Journal of Family Law/Revue canadienne de droit familial
Volume 30 no. 1 (2017)


  • Family Violence and Evolving Judicial Roles : Judges as Equality Guardians in Family Law Cases
    • Donna Martinson and Margaret Jackson, 11-
  • Addressing Controversies About Experts in Disputes Over Children
    • Nicholas Bala, Rachel Birnbaum, and Carly Watt, 71-


  • A Feminist Critique of Quebec v. A. : Evaluating the Supreme Court’s Divided Opinion on Section 15 and Common Law Support Obligations
    • Natasha Mukhtar, 129-


  • Autonomous Motherhood? A Socio-Legal Study of Choice and Constraint (Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015) Susan B. Boyd, Dorothy E. Chunn, Fiona Kelly, and Wanda Wiegers
    • Brenda Cossman, 157-

Canadian Public Administration/Administration publique du Canada
Volume 60 no. 2 (June 2017)


  • Innovation diffusion and networking : Canada’s evolving approach to lobbying regulation
    • A. Paul Pross, Robert P. Shepherd, 153-
  • Awareness and use of systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses by ministerial policy analysts
    • Pierre-Olivier Bédard, Mathieu Ouimet, 173-
  • Approches formelles en transmission stratégique de l’information : une boîte à outils pour les décideurs publics
    • Benoit Béchard, 192-
  • The conundrum of absenteeism in the Canadian public service : A wicked problem perspective
    • Jocelyn McGrandle, Frank L.K. Ohemeng, 215-
  • A sizeable effect? Municipal council size and the cost of local government in Canada
    • Jean-Philippe Meloche, Patrick Kilfoil, 241-
  • The emergence of public-private partnerships (P3s) in Alberta : Lessons from the Anthony Henday highway
    • Michael Opara, Fathi Elloumi, 268-


  • The multiplying nodes of Indigenous self-government and public administration
    • Joanne Heritz, 289-
  • Social license to operate : Legitimacy by another name?
    • Joel Gehman, Lianne M. Lefsrud, Stewart Fast, 293-

Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques
Volume 42 no. 2 (June 2017)


  • Do School Junk Food Bans Improve Student Health? Evidence from Canada
    • Philip S.J. Leonard, 105-
  • Toward a National Universal Guaranteed Basic Income
    • Harvey Stevens and Wayne Simpson, 120-
  • Embodies Emissions in Inputs and Output : A Value-Added Approach to National Emissions Accounting
    • G. Kent Fellows and Sarah Dobson, 140-


  • How Research-Policy Partnerships Can Benefit Government : A Win-Win for Evidence-Based Policy-Making
    • Garrett Ward Richards, 165-
  • Forty-One Years of Canadian Public Policy / Quarante-et-un ans d’Analyse de politiques
    • Rachel Shan and Michael R. Veall, 171-

Constitutional Law/Droit constitutionnel
Volume 37 no. 2 (June 2017)

This volume includes the special issue on Constitutional Transitions and the Period between Old and New Constitutions


  • Constituent Power : Political Unity and Constitutional Plurality
    • Asha Kaushal, 91-
  • Remedying Constitutional Stickiness
    • Ozan O. Varol, 119-
  • 'a 'lha'tham : The Re-Transformation of s. 35 through a Coast Salish Legal Methodology
    • Sarah Morales, 145-

Relations industrielles/Industrial relations
Volume 72 no. 2 (Spring 2017)


  • Safety and Multi-employer Worksites in High-risk Industries : An Overview
    • Magnus Nygren, Mats Jakobsson, Eira Anderson and Bo Johansson, 223-
  • Gouvernance des régimes complémentaires de retraite, relations du travail et conflits de rôle : une enquête québécoise
    • Daniel Coulombe, Esther Déom, Frédéric Hanin et Annette Hayden, 246-
  • The Predictors of Unmet Demand for Unions in Non-Union Workplaces : Lessons from Australia
    • Amanda Pyman, Julian Teicher, Brian Cooper and Peter Holland, 270-
  • «Leur façon de punir, c’est avec l’horaire!» : Pratiques informelles de conciliation travail-famille au sein de commerces of d’alimentation au Québec
    • Mélanie Lefrançois, Johanne Saint-Charles, Sylvie Fortin et Catherine des Rivières-Pigeon, 294-
  • Individuals’ Assessment of Corporate Social Performance, Person-Organization Values and Goals Fit, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions
    • Sarah Hudson, Douglas Bryson and Marco Michelotti, 322-
  • Assurer son employabilité militante par la mobilisation du capital social : le cas des ex-permanents syndicaux lors d’une reconversion en dehors du syndicat
    • Pauline de Becdelièvre et François Grima, 345-
  • “You’ve Just Cursed Us” : Precarity, Austerity and Worker Participation in the Non-profit Social Services
    • Ian Cunningham, Donna Baines and John Shields, 370-


  • Caring for America : Home Health Workers in the Shadow of the Welfare State (New York : Oxford University Press, 2012) Eileen Boris and Jennifer Klein
    • Isik U. Zeytinoglu, 394-
  • Migration, Precarity and Global Governance : Challenges and Opportunities for Labour (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015) Edited by Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Ronaldo Munck, Branka Likić-Brborić and Anders Neergaard
    • Firat K. Sayin, 396-
  • La crise des emplois non qualifiés (Montréal : Presses internationales Polytechnique, Collection Novathème, 2015) Dirigé par Samir Amine
    • Samantha Vila Masse, 397-
  • American Labor and Economic Citizenship : New Capitalism from World war 1 to the Great Depression (New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013) Mark Hendrickson
    • Braham Dabscheck, 400-

University of British Columbia Law Review
Volume 50 no. 2 (June 2017)


  • Leaks in the System : Environmental Flows, Aboriginal Rights, and the ModernizationImperative for Water Law in British Columbia
    • Deborah Curran, 233-
  • Another Good Thing : Ross River Dena Council v Canada in the Yukon Court of Appeal, Or : Indigenous Title, “Presentism” in Law and History, and A Judge Begbie Puzzle Revisited
    • Hamar Foster, 293-
  • Property and Sovereignty : An Indian Reserve and a Canadian City
    • Douglas C. Harris, 321-
  • Cutting the Cord : The Independence of Corporate Spinoffs in Canada
    • Duncan Melville, 393-
  • Intersecting Challenges : Mothers and Child Protection Law in BC
    • Judith Mosoff, Isabel Grant, Susan B. Boyd & Ruben Lindy, 435-
  • Originalist Reasoning in Canadian Constitutional Jurisprudence
    • Léonid Sirota & Benjamin Oliphant, 505-

University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 67 no. 3 (Summer 2017)


  • Deliberative freedoms and the asymmetric features of anti-discrimination law
    • Colin Campbell & Dale Smith, 247-
  • A right to deliberative freedom : Reply to Campbell and Smith
    • Sophia Reibetanz Moreau, 288-
  • Destination-based cash-flow taxation : A critical appraisal
    • Wei Cui, 301-
  • Decomposing Bhasin v Hrynew : Towards an institutional understanding of the general organizing principle of good faith in contractual performance
    • Daniele Bertolini, 348-


  • What’s Wrong with Copying? (Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2015) Abraham Drassinower
    • Shyamkrishna Balganesh, 411-

Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues/Revue des affaires juridiques et socials de Windsor
Volume38 (May2017)


  • More Than Wishful Thinking : Recent Developments in recognizing the “Right to Housing” Under s. 7 of the Charter
    • Scott McAlpine, 1-
  • The Law, Psychiatry and Pathologization of Gender-Confirming Surgery for Transgender Ontarians
    • Matthew P. Ponsford, 20-
  • “I Simply do not Believe …” : A Case Study of Credibility Determinations in Canadian Refugee Adjudication
    • Sean Rehaag, 38-
  • Gamete Donor Anonymity in Canada : An Overview of Potential Policy Solutions
    • Matt Malone, 71-