Recent Table of Contents – June 2019

Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice/Revue canadienne de droit administratif et de pratique – Volume 32 no. 2 (May 2019)
Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique – Volume 52 no. 2 (May 2019)
Canadian Journal of Law and Society/Revue canadienne droit et société – Volume 34 no. 1 (2019)
The Criminal Law Quarterly – Volume 66 no. 3 (December 2018)
The Criminal Law Quarterly – Volume 66 no. 4 (April 2019)
Intellectual Property Journal/Revue de propriété intellectuelle – Volume 31 no. 2 (May 2019)
Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers– Volume 2019
Relations industrielles/Industrial relations – Volume 74 no. 1 (Winter 2019)

Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice/Revue canadienne de droit administratif et de pratique
Volume 32 no. 2 (May 2019)


  • Seeking Simplicity in Canada’s Complex World of Judicial Review
    • Jerry V. DeMarco, 67-
  • Seeking Leave to Appeal a Statutory Decision : What is the Legal Test?
    • Shaun Fluker, 81-
  • The Rule of Law in Canada and the Powers of United States Immigration Officials on Canadian Territory
    • Alan Freckelton, 111-


  • Doubts about Deference : Chevron USA v. Natural Resources Defence Council
    • Paul Daly, 137-

Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique
Volume 52 no. 2 (May 2019)


  • Increasing earnings inequality and the gender pay gap in Canada : Prospects for convergence
    • Nicole M. Fortin, 407-


  • The gender gap in university enrolment : Do parents play a role beyond investing in skills?
    • Kelly Foley, 441-
  • First Peoples lost : Determining the state of status First Nations mortality in Canada using administrative data
    • Donna Feir and Randall Akee, 490-
  • A price index for Canada, 1688 to 1850
    • Vincent Geloso, 526-
  • The Canadian productivity stagnation, 2002-2014
    • Juan Carlos Conesa and Pau S. Pujolas, 561-
  • Dutch disease and the oil boom and bust
    • Brock Smith, 584-
  • Transport infrastructure, growth and persistence : The rise and demise of the Sui Canal
    • Matthias Flückiger and Markus Ludwig, 624-
  • European influence and economic development
    • Theo S. Eicher and David J. Kuenzel, 667-
  • Estimating the demand for settlement balances in the Canadian Large Value Transfer System : How much is too much?
    • Nellie (Yinan) Zhang, 735-
  • Exporting firms and the demand for skilled tasks
    • Irene Brambilla, Daniel Lederman and Guido Porto, 763-
  • Wage-vacancy contracts and multiplicity of equilibria in a directed search model of the labour market
    • Nicolas L. Jacquet, John Kennes and Serene Tan, 784-
  • Asset bubbles, labour market frictions and R&D-based growth
    • Ken-ichi Hashimoto and Ryonghun Im, 822-

Canadian Journal of Law and Society/Revue canadienne droit et société
Volume 34 no. 1 (2019)


  • The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But…
    • Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella, 1-


  • Chllenges in Gendering Indigenous Legal Education : Insights from Professors Teaching about Indigenous Laws
    • Emily Snyder, 13-
  • Rethinking Racine v Woods from a Decolonizing Perspective : Challenging the Applicability of Attachment Theory to Indigenous Families Involved with Child Protection
    • Peter W. Choate, Taylor Kohler, Felicia Cloete, Brandy Crazybull, Desi Lindstrom and Parker Tatoulis, 55-
  • Infrastructures of Pacification : Vital Points, Critical Infrastructure, and Police Power in Canada
    • Phillip Boyle and Tia Dafnos, 79-
  • The Ghosts of Wagnerism : Organized Labour, Union Strategies, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    • Charles W. Smith, 99-
  • Nudes are Forever : Judicial Interpretations of Digital Technology’s Impact on “Revenge Porn”
    • Alexa Dodge, 121-
  • What Habeas Corpus Can (and Cannot) Do for Immigration Detainees : Scotland v Canada and the Injustices of Imprisoning Migrants
    • Stephanie J. Silverman, 145-


  • Claire L’Heureux-Dubé. A Life (Vancouver : UBC Press, 2017) Constance Backhouse.
    • Rosemary Cairns Way, 165-
  • Putting Trials on Trial : Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession (Montreal & Kingston : McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2018) Elaine Craig.
    • Dana Phillips, 169-

The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 66 no.3 (December 2018)


  • Pardons, Expungements and Unjust Convictions
    • Kent W. Roach, 219-


  • Matthew S. Estabrooks, 223-


  • Reform of the Defence of Duress (and Necessity)
    • Steve Coughlan et al, 229-
  • Residential School Syndrome and the Sentencing of Aboriginal Offenders in Canada
    • David Milward, 254-
  • A “Bad Rap” : R. v. Skeete and the Admissibility of Rap Lyric Evidence
    • Ngozi Okidegbe-
  • Ignorance of the Law IS an Excuse Revisiting the Concept of “Legal Impossibility” and U.S.A. v. Dynar
    • Nick Kaschuk, 316-
  • Does R. v. Wong Apply to Applications to Withdraw a Guilty Plea Before a Trial Judge?
    • Judge Wayne Gorman, 331-

The Criminal Law Quarterly
Volume 66 no. 4 (April 2019)


  • The SNC Lavalin Controversy : The Shawcross Principle and Prosecutorial Independence
    • Kent Roach, 343-


  • Matthew S. Estabrooks, 352-


  • Antic : First Principles and Beyond
    • Mangesh Duggal, 362-


  • “Reasonable Steps” : Amending Section 273.2 to Reflect the Jurisprudence
    • Lucinda Vandervort, 376-
  • Judges’ Knowledge and Beliefs Concerning the Science Behind Eyewitness Fallibility
    • Louise Bond-Fraser, Kyle Ferris and Ian Fraser, 388-
  • Freedom To, Or Freedom From? Arbitrary Protection in the Age of Consent
    • David Gill, 403-
  • Weighing Evidence in Criminal Trials – Computer Assisted Decision Making
    • Gerald T.G. Seniuk, 429-
  • The Pre-Enquete – A “Case to Meet”
    • Cornelia Mazgarean and Nick Kaschuk, 442-
  • CIAJ Roundtable on Delays in Criminal Trials : Professionalism and a “Culture of Complacency”
    • Christine Mainville, 466-
  • Culture Change : Fair and Efficient Criminal Trials Post R. V. Jordan
    • Faisal Mirza, 489-

Intellectual Property Journal/Revue de propriété intellectuelle
Volume 31 no. 2 (May 2019)


  • Safe Harbors and the Evolution of Music Retailing
    • T. Randolph Beard, Ph.D., George S. Ford, Ph.D. & Michael Stern, Ph.D., 131-
  • To Link or Not to Link : The Use of Hyperlinks and Copyright Information
    • Dr. Kanchana Kariyawasam, 157-
  • Justifying the Unjustifiable : Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency (“Access Copyright”) v. York University
    • Sarah Wilkinson, 187-
  • Protection Extending Beyond the Language of the Claim : What does Actavis v. Lilly Mean for Canadian Law? (Part I)
    • Norman V. Siebrasse, 217-

Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers
Volume 2019


  • Update on the Law of Notice
    • Brendan D. Bowles and Madalina Sontrop, 1-
  • An Overview of Contractual Notice Requirements and the Effect of Doctrines of Waiver and Estoppel in Cases of Imperfect Compliance
    • Phillip J. Scheibel and Peter A.K. Vetsch, 47-
  • Revisiting Non-Contractual Duties of Care and the Use of Pierringer Agreements in Construction Disputes
    • Jeffrey E. Sharpe and Robert Martz, 125-
  • Problems Associated with Pass-Through Claims
    • Brian Samuels, Q.C., 149-
  • Innovating Evidence Procedure in International Construction Arbitration
    • Professor Doug Jones AO, 167-
  • Adjudication under the Ontario Construction Act : Anticipated Challenges Based upon International Precedent
    • Howard Krupat, 201-
  • Always Judge a Bid by its Cover : A Lesson in Procurement from the Nova Scotia Supreme Court – C.F. Construction Ltd. V. Town of Westville
    • John Kulik, Q.C. and Melanie Gillis, 235-
  • Looking Through Different Lenses : Tactical and Technical Concerns when Representing the Owner or the Contractor
    • Matthew R. Alter, 249-
  • Construction Claims and Disputes : Twists and Turns Along the Spectrum of Dispute Resolution
    • Harvey J. Kirsh, 283-

Relations industrielles/Industrial relations
Volume 74 no. 1 (Winter 2019)


  • Accomplishment is to be celebrated but also creates a benchmark / Des réalisations à souligner et une référence pour l’avenir
    • Anthony M. Gould, Editor/Directeur, and / et Yves Hallée, Directeur adjoint/Associate Editor, 3-


  • La négociation collective en contexte de flexibilisation de l’empoi dans deux usines au Québec
    • Armel Brice Adanhounme et Christian Lévesque, 14-
  • Marijuana Legalization in Canada : Insights for Workplaces from Case Law Analysis
    • Helen Lam, 39-
  • La militance syndicale dans la treé petite entreprise : le cas du conseiller du salarié
    • Philippe Sin et François Grima, 66-
  • The Struggle to Decommodify the Service Sector : The Canadian Auto Workers and the Casino Industry
    • Alissa Mazar, 89-
  • La charge de travail perçue des cadres : d’une typologie à une compréhension systémique
    • Clotilde Coron, 117-
  • Occupational Health and Safety Indicators and Under-Reporting : Case Studies in Chinese Shipping
    • Conghua Xue, Lijun Tang and David Walters, 141-



  • Janus v AFSCME, Council 31 : Judges Will Haunt You in the Second Gilded Age
    • William A. Herbert, 162-
  • Le précompte syndical obligatoire revu à la lumière de la décision de la cour suprême américaine dans l’affaire Janus
    • Gilles Trudeau, 174-


  • In Defense of Making Things : Why Manufacturing Still Matters
    • Theodore Pelagidis and Michael Mitsopoulos, 187-


  • Introduction to Workplace Safety and Health Management (Singapour/London :World Scientific Publishing Co., 2018) Goh Yang Miang.
    • Michel Pérusse, 193-
  • Les services essentiels au Québec et la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés (Québec : PUL, Coll. L’Essentiel, 2018) Jean Bernier.
    • Laurence Léa Fontaine, 194-
  • This Grand Experiment : When Women Entered the Federal Workforce in Civil War-Era (Washington, D.C. : Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 2017) Jessica Ziparo.
    • Evan C. Rothera, 196-
  • Au coeur des cabinets d’audit et de conseil. De la distinction à soumission (Paris : Presses Universitaires de France (PUF), 2017) Sébastien Stenger.
    • Emmanuel Coblence et Stéphane Deschaintre, 198-
  • Industrial Relations in Singapore : Practice and Perspective (Singapour : World Scientific Publishing Co., 2018) Oun Hean Loh.
    • Louise Floyd, Ph.D., 200-
  • Les artisans de la lumiére. Histoire de la Fraternité interprovinciale des ouvriers en électricité (Québec : Septentrion, 2018) Monique Audet.
    • Pier-Luc Bilodeau, 201-
  • Research Handbook of Employment Relations in Sport (London : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2016) Edited by Michael Barry, James Skinner and Terry Engelberg.
    • Johanna Weststar, 202-