Recent Table of Contents – August 2017

Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique – Volume 50 no. 1 (February 2017)
Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique – Volume 50 no. 2 (May 2017)
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence – Volume 30 no. 2 (August 2017)
Canadian Journal of Law & Society/Revue canadienne droit et société – Volume 32 no. 1 (2017)
Supreme Court Law Review.  Second Series – Volume 79 (2017)

Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique
Volume 50 no. 1 (February 2017)


  • Viewpoint: Thehuman capital approach to inference
    • W. Bentley MacLeod, 5-
  • Male wage inequality and marital dissolution : Is there a link?
    • Andriana Bellou, 40-
  • Exchange rate fluctuations and labour market adjustments in Canadian manufacturing industries
    • Gabriel Bruneau and Kevin Moran, 72-
  • Real exchange rate fluctuations, wage stickiness and tradability
    • Kanda Naknoi, 94-
  • Do South-South preferential trade agreements undermine the prospects for multilateral free trade?
    • Paul Missios and Halis Murat Yildiz, 111-
  • Income inequality and export prices across countries
    • Lisandra Flach and Eckhard Janeba, 162-
  • New vehicle feebates
    • Nicholas Rivers and Brandon Schaufele, 201-
  • Endogenous growth with a limited fossil fuel extraction capacity
    • Gilbert Kollenbach, 233-
  • Vertical integration and supplier finance
    • Holger Görg and Erasmus Kersting, 273-
  • An economic theory of foreign interventions and regime change
    • Roberto Bonfatti, 306-

Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique
Volume 50 no. 2 (May 2017)


  • Viewpoint: Food and beverage television advertising exposure and youth consumption, body mass index and adiposity outcomes
    • Lisa M. Powell, Roy Wada, Tamkeen Khan and Sherry L. Emery, 345-
  • Managerial capital, occupational choice and inequality in a global economy
    • Elias Dinopoulos and Bulent Unel, 365-
  • International trade and unionization : Evidence from India
    • Reshad N. Ahsan, Arghya Ghosh and Devashish Mitra, 398-
  • Output-based rebating of carbon taxes in a neighbour’s backyard : Competitiveness, leakage and welfare
    • Christoph Böhringer, Bria Bye, Taran Fæhn and Knut Einar Rosendahl, 426-
  • An Eaton-Kortum model of trade and growth
    • Takumi Naito, 456-
  • Access to credit and comparative advantage
    • Peter H. Egger and Christian Keuschnigg, 481-
  • Steady state properties of multi-state economic models
    • Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel, 506-
  • Price-level versus inflation targeting under model uncertainty
    • Gino Cateau, 522-
  • An empirical study of credit shock transmission in a small open economy
    • Nathan Bedock and Dalibor Stevanović, 541-
  • Calculating the real return on a sovereign wealth fund
    • Andreas Benedictow and Pål Boug, 571-

Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
Volume 30 no. 2 (August 2017)


  • Should the Injustice Done to Her be the Law’s Concern? The Case of Cinderella
    • Annalise Acorn, 237-
  • Revisiting Dworkin’s Philosophy of International Law : Could the Hedgehog Have Done It Any Other Way?
    • Thomas Bustamante, 259-
  • Steven M. Wise and the Common Law Case for Animal Rights : Full Steam Ahead
    • Daniel Davison-Vecchione and Kate Pambos, 287-
  • Unreliable Narration in Law and Fiction
    • Daniel Del Gobbo, 311-
  • Refugee Law and Its Corruptions
    • Colin Grey, 339-
  • Moral Psychology, Stability and The Law of Peoples
    • David A. Reidy, 363-
  • Between Legal Technique and Legal Policy : Remarks on Hans Kelsen’s Constitutional Theory
    • Péter Sólyom, 399-
  • Remodeling Just Compensation : Applying Restorative Justice to Takings Law Doctrine
    • Shai Stern, 413-
  • The Limits of Positivist Legal Ethics : A Brief History, a Critique, and a Return to Foundations
    • W. Bradley Wendel, 443-
  • A Conceptual Analysis of Conceptual Analysis in Analytic Jurisprudence
    • Aleardo Zanghellini, 467-

Canadian Journal of Law & Society/Revue canadienne droit et société
Volume 32 no. 1 (2017)


  • Human Rights Rituals : Masking Neoliberalism and Inequality, and Marginalizing Alternative World Views
    • Emma Larking, 1-
  • Decolonization in a Digital Age : Cryptocurrencies and Indigenous Self-Determination in Canada
    • Christopher Alcantara and Caroline Dick, 19-
  • Avoiding the Vulva : Judicial Interpretations of Lesbian Sex Under the Divorce Act, 1968
    • Karen Pearlston, 37-
  • Le judiciaire, la détermination de la peine et la polycontexturalité de l’opinion publique
    • Richard Dubé et Margarida Garcia, 55-
  • Displacement as Regulation : New Regulatory Technologies and Front-Line Decision-Making in Ontario Works
    • Jennifer Raso, 75-
  • Firearm “Rights” in Canada : Law and History in the Debates over Gun Control
    • R. Blake Brown, 97-
  • A Missed Opportunity : The Public Investigation into the Conduct of the RCMP in Matters Involving Nicole (Ryan) Doucet
    • Lori Chambers and Nadia Verrelli, 117-
  • Hybridation normative et institutionnelle dans les coopératives minières. Entre pluralisme juridique et ineffectivité du droit coopératif congolais
    • Christian Bahati Bahalaokwibuye, 137-

Supreme Court Law Review.  Second Series
Volume 79 (2017)

Part I Religion in Liberal Thought

  • Should There Be a Legal Presumption in Favour of Diversity? Some Preliminary Reflections
    • Iain T. Benson, 3-
  • Liberal Pluralism and the Challenge of Religious Diversity
    • Peter D. Lauwers, 29-
  • Constitutional Principles as State Territory
    • Paul B. Cliteur, 65-

Part II Religious Freedom of Religious Organizations

  • The Challenge and Promise of Religious Associations to Liberal Democratic Order
    • John von Heyking, 89-
  • The Social Ontology of Religious Freedom
    • Victor M. Muñiz-Fraticelli, 115-
  • Religious Organizations’ Right to Autonomy and Collisions with other Fundamental Rights : An International Human Rights Law Analysis
    • Jeroen Temperman, 143-
  • The Requirement of Religious Neutrality : Civic Action and Institutional Autonomy
    • Richard Moon, 155-

Part III Private Choices Public Consequences

  • Conceiving Freedom of Religion in Terms of Obedience to Conscience
    • Ian Leigh, 175-
  • Should Conscience Be a Proxy for Religion in Some Cases?
    • Richard Haigh, 203-
  • When Law, Religion and Family Meet : Private Choices, Religious Neutrality and the Liberal State
    • Anat Scolnicov, 225-

Part IV The Clash of Rights

  • Judicial Method on Rights Conflicts in the Context of Religious Identity
    • Dwight Newman, 245-
  • Competing Rights under the Canadian Charter : Are Some Issues More Equal than Others?
    • Janet Epp Buckingham, 261-
  • Freedom of Religion, Competing Rights and Spatial Priority Presumptions
    • Alvin A.J. Esau, 287-
  • Religion and the Clash of Rights in the United Kingdom
    • Frank Cranmer, 325-

Part V Equality and Religious Freedom

  • Resolving Equality Uncertainty : Adverse-effects Claims and Conflicts Between Equality-seeking Claimants
    • Eugene Meehan, Marie-France Major and Thomas Slade, 351-
  • The Charter is Not a Blueprint for Moral Conformity
    • Barry W. Bussey, 367-