Recent Tables of Contents – February 2017

Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Revue canadienne de criminologie et de justice pénale – Volume 59 no. 1 (January 2017)

Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique – Volume 49 no. 4 (November 2016)

Canadian Journal of Law & Society/Revue canadienne droit et société – Volume 31 no. 3 (2016)

Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques– Volume 42 no. 4 (December 2016)

Canadian Tax Journal/Revue fiscal canadienne- Volume 64 no. 4 (2016)

Dalhousie Law Journal– Volume 39 no. 2 (Fall 2016)

Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal– Volume 36 no. 1 (December 2016)

Journal of Environmental Law and Practice– Volume 30 no. 1 (December 2016)

Ottawa Law Review/Revue de droit d’Ottawa – Volume 46 no. 1 (2014/2015)

Queen’s Law Journal – Volume 42 no. 1 (Fall 2016)

Review of Constitutional Studies/Revue d’études constitutionnelles – Volume 21 no. 2 (December 2016)

Supreme Court Law Review. Second Series – Volume 77 (2017)


Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Revue canadienne de criminologie et de justice pénale

Volume 59 no. 1 (January 2017)


·         Validating the Predictive Accuracy of the Static Factors Assessment (SFA) Risk Scale for Federally Sentenced Offenders in Canada

o   L. Maaike Helmus and Trina Forrester, 1-

·         Social Networks as Predictors of the Harm Suffered by Victims of a Large-Scale Ponzi Scheme

o   Rebecca Nash, Martin Bouchard, and Aili Malm, 26-

·         The Pains of Incarceration : Aging, Rights, and Policy in Federal Penitentiaries

o   Adelina Iftene, 63-

·         Crime and Public Transportation : A Case Study of Ottawa’s O-Train System

o   Jordana K. Gallison and Martin A. Andresen, 94-


·         Replication and Reproduction in Canadian Policy Research : A Note

o   Laura Huey and Craig Bennell, 123-


·         Book reviews published in association with the January 2017 issue, vol. 59 no. 1, see


Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique

Volume 49 no. 4 (November 2016)


·         Changing income inequality : A distributional paradigm for Canada

o   Charles M. Beach, 1229-

·         Agglomeration and clusters : Tools and insights from coagglomeration patterns

o   Kristian Behrens, 1293-

·         Sunk costs and the measurement of commercial property depreciation

o   W. Erwin Diewert and Kevin J. Fox, 1340-

·         Has Canadian house price growth been excessive?

o   Allen Head and Huw Lloyd-Ellis, 1367-

·         Is there a quality bias in the Canadian CPI? Evidence from microdata

o   Oleksiy Kryvtsov, 1401-

·         An amplification mechanism in a model of energy

o   Anna Kormilitsina, 1425-

·         Growth, expectations and tariffs

o   Seppo Honkapohja, Arja H. Turunen-Red and Alan D. Woodland, 1441-

·         Cross-border mergers and acquisitions in services : The role of policy and industrial structure

o   Alessandro Barattieri, Ingo Borchert and Aaditya Mattoo, 1470-

·         Getting help from abroad : The macroeconomics of foreign direct investment in infrastructure in low-income countries

o   Yin Germaschewski, 1502-

·         Driving restrictions that work? Quito’s Pico y Placa Program

o   Paul E. Carrillo, Arun S. Malik and Yiseon Yoo, 1536-

·         The Clean Development Mechanism in a world carbon market

o   Thierry Bréchet, Yann Ménière and Pierre M. Picard, 1569-

·         Implementing partial tax harmonization in an asymmetric tax competition game with repeated interaction

o   Jun-ichi Itaya, Makoto Okamura and Chikara Yamaguchi, 1599-

·         Trade in variety and domestic production : Evidence from US manufacturing

o   Ulf Lewrick, Lukas Mohler and Rolf Weder, 1631-

·         Product sophistication and spillovers from foreign direct investment

o   Katharina Eck and Stephan Huber, 1658-


Canadian Journal of Law & Society/Revue canadienne droit et société

Volume 31 no. 3 (2016)


·         The High Cost of Transferring the Dream

o   Kim Brooks, 317-

·         Situations de tort dans la vie quotidienne : quelle régulation?

o   Françoise Vanhamme, 335-

·         “Not Bad Kids, Just Bad Choices” : Governing School Safety Through Choice

o   Zachary Levinsky, 359-

·         ‘Conflict with the Law’ : Regulation & Homeless Youth Trajectories toward Stability

o   Marianne Quirouette, Tyler Frederick, Jean Hughes, Jeff Karabaow, and Sean Kidd, 383-

·         Male, Pale, and Stale? Diversity in Lawyers Leadership

o   Noel Semple, 405-

·         Le mariage, c’est l’affaire de l’Église : pouvoir d’État et bigamie

o   Mélanie Méthot, 429-

·         Aboriginal Knowledges in Specialized Courts : Emerging Practices in Gladue Courts

o   Paula Maurutto and Kelly Hannah-Moffat, 451-

·         Protecting Research Confidentiality via the Wigmore Criteria : Some Implications of Parent and Bruckert v The Queen and Luka Rocco Magnotta

o   Ted Palys and David MacAlister, 473-


·         A quoi nous sert le droit? (Paris : Editions Gallimard, Collection «Folio essais», 2015) Jacques Commaille

o   Adélie Pomade, 497-

·         Foucault and the Politics of Rights (Stanford : Stanford University Press, 2015) Ben Golder

o   Marianne Constable, 500-

·         The Governance Gap : Extractive industries, human rights, and the home state advantage (Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2014) Penelope Simons and Audrey Macklin

o   Steven Bittle, 502-

·         Speaking out on Human Rights : Debating Canada’s Human Rights System (Montreal and Kingston : McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014) Pearl Eliadis

o   Jason Chalmers, 505-

·         Remembering Vancouver’s Disappeared Women : Settler Colonialism and the Difficulty of Inheritance (Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015) Amber Dean

o   Marcus A. Sibley, 507-


Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques

Volume 42 no. 4 (December 2016)


·         ‘Inequality is the root of social evil,’ or Maybe Not? Two Stories about Inequality and Public Policy

o   Miles Corak, 367-


·         Targeting Tax Relief at Youth Employment

o   Matthew D. Webb, Arthur Sweetman, and Casey Warman, 415-

·         Project the Impact of Population Aging on the Quebec Labour Market

o   Luc Bissonnette, David Boisclair, François Laliberté-Auger, Steeve Marchand, Pierre-Carl Michaud, and Carole Vincent, 431-

·         Le «Right to request flexible working» : un outil favorable aux employés proches aidants?

o   Sarah Nogues et Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, 442-

·         Lack of Confidence in Police Creates a “Blue Ceiling” for Sex Workers’ Safety

o   Cecilia Benoit, Michaela Smith, Mikael Jansson, Samantha Magnus, Nadia Ouellet, Chris Atchison, Lauren Casey, Rachel Phillips. Bill Reimer, Dan Reist, and Frances M. Shaver, 456-

·         Taxes, Volatility, and Resources in Canadian Provinces

o   Brandon Schaufele, 469-

·         Connecting to the North American Grid : Time for Newfoundland to Discontinue Inefficient Price Regulation

o   James P. Feehan, 482-

·         The Relationship between Input Prices and Energy Intensity in Canadian Manufacturing Industries/La relation entre les prix d’entrée et l’intensité énergétique dans les industries manufactuières canadiennes

o   Samuel F. Gamtessa, 496-

·         Governance by Handshake? Assessing Informal Municipal Service Sharing Relationships

o   Zachary Spicer, 505-


Canadian Tax Journal/Revue fiscal canadienne

Volume 64 no. 4 (2016)


·         The Next Phase of Life Insurance Policyholder Taxation is Nigh

o   Kevin Wark and Michael O’Connor, 705-

·         The Tax Compliance Costs of Large Corporations : An Empirical Inquiry and Comparative Analysis

o   Chris Evans, Philip Lignier, and Binh Tran-Nam, 751-


·         Inside the Black Box : Marginal Effective Tax Rates on Capital in Canada – A Primer

o   Kenneth J. McKenzie, 795-


·         (FCA) Kruger Incorporated v. Canada; (TCC) Gerbro Holdings Company v. The Queen

o   Co-Editors: Ryan L. Morris and Michael D. Templeton, 817-


·         Is the Back-to-Back Withholding Tax Regime an Effective Anti-Treaty-Shopping Measure?

o   Ian Bradley, Denny Kwan, and Dian Wang, 833-


·         Investing in Residential Real Estate

o   Joanne Magee, 859- 


·         Investir dans le secteur immobilier résidentiel

o   Joanne Magee, 887-


·         Legal Ownership Versus Economic Substance : OECD Perspectives and Practical Approaches

o   Tara Di Rosa and Thomas Tsiopoulos, 917-


·         Onerous US Reporting Requirements for US Members of Non-US Family-Controlled Entitles : It’s All in the Family

o   Peter A. Glicklich and Gregg M. Benson, 929-


·         Co-Editors: Robin Boadway, Kim Brooks, Jinyan Li, and Alan Macnaughton, 941-


Dalhousie Law Journal

Volume 39 no. 2 (Fall 2016)


·         Imagining Global Health with Justice

o   Lawrence O. Gostin, 355-

·         A Goal-Oriented Understanding of the Right to Health Care and its Implications for Future Health Rights Litigation

o   Michael Da Silva, 377-

·         Modernizing the Canada Health Act

o   Colleen M. Flood and Bryan Thomas, 397-

·         And Miles to Go Before I Sleep : The Future of End-of-Life Law and Policy in Canada

o   Jocelyn Downie, 413-

·         Informing the Future of End-of-Life Care in Canada : Lessons from the Quebec Legislative Experience

o   Michelle Giroux, 431-

·         Cross-Cultural Dynamics in Palliative Care : The Emerging Canadian Scenario

o   Chidi Oguamanam, 455-

·         A Consumer Protection Perspective on Regulation for Healthier Eating

o   Barbara von Tigerstrom, 471-

·         Aboriginal Consultation in Canadian Water Negotiations : The Mackenzie Bilateral Water Management Agreements

o   Andrea Beck, 487-

·         DNA, Donor Offspring and Derivative Citizenship : Redefining Parentage Under the Citizenship Act

o   Stefanie Carsley, 525-

·         Out of the Black Hole : Toward a Fresh Approach  to Tort Causation

o   Allan C. Hutchinson, 561-

·         The Doctrine of Lost Modern Grant and Prescriptive Easements in Newfoundland

o   Greg French, 585-


Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal

Volume 36 no. 1 (December 2016)


·         The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) : An Introduction to the Potential Impact on Canadian and Estates

o   Dean Smith, 1-


·         A Summary of Section 116 Requirements for the Canadian Executor

o   Holly Castle, 20-

·         Not Doing Badly : How the Registered Disability Savings Plan Can Help

o   Peter Lillico, 29-

·         Habeas Corpus and the Substitute Decisions Act

o   Karon C. Bales, 42-

·         Doesn’t Travel Well : Cross-Border Estate Planning in Canada and the U.S.

o   Marilyn Piccini Roy, 54-


·         Inheritance Rights of the Kindred of the Half-Blood

o   Jackie Bartlett, 64-

·         Florida Rules for Personal Representative Appointments

o   Cynthia Bock, 68-


Journal of Environmental Law and Practice

Volume 30 no. 1 (December 2016)



·         Imagining EA 2.0 : Outcomes of the 2016 Federal Environmental Assessment Reform Summit

o   Anna Johnston, 1-

·         Polyjural and Polycentric Sustainability Assessment : AOnce-in-a-Generation Law Reform Opportunity

o   Jason MacLean, Meinhard Doelle & Chris Tollefson, 35-

·         Sustainability-based Assessment of Project-related Climate Change Impacts : A Next Generation EA Policy Conundrum

o   Anthony Ho & Chris Tollefson, 67-


Ottawa Law Review/Revue de droit d’Ottawa

Volume 46 no. 1 (2014/2015)


·         Les cyberattaques étatiques constituent-elles des actes d’agression en vertu du droit international public? : Première partie

o   Evelyne Akoto, 1-

·         Protecting Market Integrity in an Era of Fragmentation and Cross-Border Trading

o   Janet Austin, 25-

·         Formation du contrat électronique : L’acceptation entre mutations et orthodoxie

o   Serge Kablan et Édouard Onguene Onana, 63-

·         Releasing Stigma : Police, Journalists and Crimes of HIV Non-Disclosure

o   Kyle Kirkup, 127-

·         La pluralisation culturelle de la Charte canadienne à l’aune de la marge d’appréciation

o   Ludovic Langlois-Thérien, 161-


Queen’s Law Journal

Volume 42 no. 1 (Fall 2016)


·         The Legal Services Gap : Access to Justice as a Regulatory Issue

o   Thomas A. Cromwell & Siena Anstis, 1-

·         The Canadian Law of Judicial Review : A Plea for Doctrinal Coherence and Consistency

o   David Stratas, 27-

·         Tax Elections as Screens

o   Emily Ann Satterthwaite, 63-

·         Has the Supreme Court of Canada Rejected “Originalism”?

o   Benjamin Oliphant & Léonid Sirota, 107-


Review of Constitutional Studies/Revue d’études constitutionnelles

Volume 21 no. 2 (December 2016)



·         The Environmental, Democratic, and Rule-of-Law Implications of Harper’s Environmental Assessment Legacy

o   Jocelyn Stacey, 165-

·         Enduring Eliminatory Logics, Market Rationalities, and Territorial Desires : Assessing the Harper Government’s Legacy Concerning Aboriginal Rights

o   Michael McCrossan, 187-

·         A Failed Discourse of Distrust Amid Significant Procedural Change : The Harper Government’s Legacy in Immigration and Refugee Law

o   Peter J. Carver, 209-

·         Plus ça Change? Labour-Relations Policy from Harper to Trudeau

o   Alison Braley-Rattai, 235-

·         Harper’s Legacy on Federalism : “Open Federalism” or Hidden Agenda?

o   Julián Castro-Rea, 257-


·         Constitutional Amendment in Canada (Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2016) Emmett Macfarlane, ed. / The Sovereignty of Human Rights (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015) Patrick Macklem

o   Dwight Newman, 277-

·         Un regard québécois sur le droit constitutionnel : Mélanges en l’honneur d’Henri Brun et de Guy Tremblay (Montréal : Éditions Yvon Blais, 2016) Patrick Taillon, Eugénie Brouillet & Amélie Binette, eds.

o   Dwight Newman, 279-


Supreme Court Law Review.  Second Series

Volume 77 (2017)


·         Developments in Class Actions Law : The 2014-2015 Term — Securities Litigation Comes of Age at the Supreme Court of Canada

o   Dana M. Peebles, Brandon Kain and Paul Davis, 1-

·         Developments in Criminal Law : The 2015-2016 Term — Criminal Procedure

o   Richard Litkowski and Siavosh Pashang, 57-

·         Developments in Substantive Criminal Law : The 2015-2016 Term

o   Ian R. Smith, 87-

·         Developments in the Law of Evidence : The 2014-2015 Term

o   Sarah L.M. Weingarten and Steven G. Frankel, 111-

·         The 2014-2015 Term — Revisiting the Best Interests of the Child Principle

o   Martha Bailey, 149-

·         Developments in Intellectual Property : The 2015-2016 Term

o   L.E. Trent Horne, 167-

·         Annual Report on Applications for Leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada : The 2015-2016 Term

o   Matthew Estabrooks, Sarah Alasaly, Michelle Cicchino and Shawn Duguay, 183-


·         R. v. Safarzadeh-Markhali : Elements and Implications of the Supreme Court’s New Rigorous Approach to Construction of Statutory Purpose

o   Marcus Moore, 223-


·         Taking Rationales Seriously : The Quality of the Legislative Process as a Factor in the Deference Analysis under Section 1 of the Charter

o   Robin Elliot and Michael Elliot, 255-

·         Coherence and Consistency in a System of Good Faith : Assessing and Explaining the Impact of Bhasin v. Hrynew on Canadian Contract Law

o   Manasvin Goswami, 309-