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For support navigating mental health and wellness resources and supports, please contact Cheryl White at

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If you're not on campus to write your message of encouragement on our kindness wall, you can still write well wishes to your fellow students by posting to our online version.


4th Annual Poetry Contest Winners

First Place

Faces by Damien Macedo

Second Place

“The Love Song of J. Justice FirstYear” by Rachael Tu

Third Place

ZoomU by Isaac Gazendam

Honorable Mention

Nostalgia of a 3L by Emma Weiss

Thank you to all those that participated!


2020 10-Word Horror Story Contest

This fall the Students' Law Society and Library hosted a writing contest with two major twists: stories had to be scary and could only be a maximum of 10 words. Participants were encouraged to scare us, thrill us, intrigue us, and disgust us. Did they ever. Congratulations to the winners!

Best Overall Story

2020 was only the headnote. - by Jamie Corbett

Scariest Story

A breeze grazed me and then I heard: a sneeze. - by Sara Bolourchian

Funniest Story 

In the library bathroom... Creeeak! You left the door unlocked. - by Molly Campbell