Electronic Sources of Treatises and Loose-Leaf Services


Aboriginal Law


  • The Law of Treaties Between Aboriginal Peoples and the Crown in Canada (McCabe) 92010) Browse

Administrative Law


  • Administrative Law in Canada (Blake)(2011) Browse

 Alternative Dispute Resolution


  • Family Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Practice (Landau, Wolfson, Laudau) (2009) Browse

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Insolvency Source on WestlawNext

  • Faillite et insolvabilité (Boucher) Browse
  • Houlden and Morawetz Bankruptcy and Insolvency Analysis Browse
  • Houlden and Morawetz Bankruptcy and Insolvency Precedents Browse
  • Secured Transactions in Personal Property in Canada (McLaren) Browse


  • Commercial Insolvency in Canada (McElcheran) (2011) Browse
  • Director and Officer Liability in Corporate Insolvency (Sarra, Davis) (2010)  Browse

Civil Law


  • The Doctrine of Res Judicata (Lang) (2010) Browse
  • Traité général de preuve et de procédure pénales 11e éd (Béliveau et Vauclair) (2004) Browse

Civil Practice and Procedure/Limitations

Litigator on WestlawNext

  • Alberta Rules of Court Annotated (Fradsham) Browse
  • Annual Review of Civil Litigation (Archibald, Echlin) Browse
  • The Art and Science of Advocacy (Olah) Browse
  • British Columbia Supreme Court Rules Annotated Seckel and MacInnis (Browse)
  • Electronic Documents (Finlay,Vermette and Statham) Browse
  • Electronic Evidence in Canada (Penner and Underwood) Browse
  • Federal Courts Practice (Saunders, Rennie, Garton) Browse
  • Manitoba Queen's Bench Rules Annotated (Busby) Browse
  • Nova Scotia Annotated Rules of Practice (Ehrlich) Browse
  • Ontario Civil Practice (Watson and McGowan) Browse
  • Ontario Civil Procedure (Holmested and Watson) Browse
  • Ontario Small Claims Court Practice (Zuker) Browse
  • The Portable Guide to Evidence (Doherty) Browse
  • The Portable Guide to Witnesses (Sankoff) Browse
  • Saskatchewan Rules of Court Annotated Browse
  • Supreme Court of Canada Practice (Brown) Browse
  • Witness Preparation: A Practical Guide (Finlay, Cromwell and Iatrou) Browse
  • Witnesses (Mewett, Sankoff) Browse


    • Alberta Limitations Manual Browse
    • British Columbia Limitations Manual  Browse
    • British Columbia Practice  Browse
    • Canadian Civil Procedure Law (Abrams, McGuinness) (2009) Browse
    • Canadian Federal Courts Practice (Hughes, Renaud and Horne) (2013) Browse 
    • Castel & Walker: Canadian Conflict of Laws Browse
    • Class Actions Law and Practice Browse
    • The Doctrine of Res Judicata (Lang) (2009) Browse
    • Federal Limitations Manual Browse
    • The Law of Limitations (Mew) (2004) Browse
    • Ontario Courtroom Procedure (Fuerst & Sanderson) (2012) Browse
    • Ontario Limitations Manual  Browse
    • Ontario Litigators Pocket Guide to Evidence (Morton) (2010) Browse
    • Ontario Superior Court Practice (Archibald, Killeen, Morton) Browse
    • La preuve électronique au Québec  Browse
    • Procedural Strategies for Litigators in Alberta(Cascadden)  (2012) Browse
    • Procedural Strategies for Litigators in British Columbia (Bennett, Goulden)  (2009) Browse
    • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant: The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman, Fuerst) (2014) Browse

Corporate and Commercial

  • The Business in Transition: Making the Succession Plan Work (Bollefer and Malach) (2008) Browse
  • An Overview of Canadian Mining Taxation (Calverley)  (2012) Browse
  • Canadian Business Corporations Law (McGuinness) (2007) Browse
  • Canadian Franchise Law - A Practical Guide (So)  (2010) Browse
  • Canadian Securities Regulation (Johnston, Rockwell) (2014) Browse
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - A Legal Analysis (Kerr, Janda, Pitts) (2008) Browse
  • Counselling Corporations and Advising Businesses (Iacovelli and Lan) (2000) Browse
  • A Practical Guide to Outsourcing Agreements (Vereshack) (2010) Browse
  • Sale and Supply of Goods (McGuinness) (2010) Browse
  • Shareholder Remedies in Canada  Browse



  • Constitutional Law of Canada, 9th edition (Magnet) (2007) Browse
  • Modern Constitutionalism: Identity, Equality and Democracy (Magnet) (2004) Browse
  • Précis d'interprétation législative - Méthodologie générale, Charte canadienne et droit international (Beaulac) (2008) Browse
  • Le droit de l'interprétation bilingue (Bastarache) (2009) Browse

Construction Law


  • Annotated Ontario Building Code Act (2014) Browse
  • Canadian Construction Labour and Employment Law  Browse 
  • Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook (Silver, Furlong) (2004) Browse
  • Construction Law in Canada (Ricchetti, Murphy) Browse

Contract Law


  • Canadian Contract Law (Swan) (2012) Browse

Criminal Law

Criminal Source on WestlawNext

  • Canadian Criminal Code Offence (Gibson) Browse  
  • Canadian Criminal Procedure (Salhany)  Browse
  • Code criminel annoté (Cournoyer) Browse
  • Crankshaw's Criminal Code of Canada Browse 
  • Criminal Law Evidence: Practice and Procedure (Gibson)  Browse
  • Criminal Pleadings & Practice in Canada (Ewaschuk)  Browse
  • Disclosure and Production in Criminal Cases (Segal)  Browse
  • Drug Offences in Canada (MacFarlane, Frater and Proulx)  Browse
  • Martin's Annual Criminal Code Browse
  • Martin's Related Criminal Statutes Browse
  • McWilliams’ Canadian Criminal Evidence (Hill, Tanovich and Strezos)  Browse
  • Sentencing: The Practitioner's Guide (Clewley, McDermott and Young)  Browse
  • Tremeer's Annotations Browse
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act Manual (Bloomenfeld)  Browse
  • Watt's Manual of Criminal Evidence Browse


  • Annotated Youth Criminal Justice Act Browse
  • Impaired Driving in Canada (Kenkel) (2010) Browse
  • The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada (Fontana and Keeshan) (2010) Browse
  • The Practitioner's Criminal Code (Gold) (2014) Browse
  • Sentencing (Ruby, Chan, Hasan) (2012) Browse
  • Traité général de preuve et de procédure pénales 11e éd (Béliveau et Vauclair) (2004) Browse

Employment Law

EmploymentSource on WestlawNext

      • Canadian Employment Law (Ball) Browse
      • Canadian Health and Safety Law (Keith) Browse
      • Employee Obligations in Canada (D'Andrea) Browse
      • Illness and Disability in the Workplace (D'Andrea) Browse
      • The Law of Dismissal in Canada, Third Edition (Levitt) Browse

Environmental Law


      • Canadian Environmental Law (Lucas and Cotton) (2014) Browse
      • Browse



      • Ontario Litigators Pocket Guide to Evidence (Morton) (2010) Browse
      • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant: The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman, Fuerst) (2014) Browse

Extradition Law


  • Canadian Extradition Law Practice (Botting) (2011) Browse

Family Law

Family Source on WeslawNext

  • Canadian Divorce Law and Practice(MacDonald) Browse
  • Child Protection Law in Canada (Kirwin) Browse
  • Child Support Guidelines Law and Practice (MacDonald and Wilton) Browse
  • Child Custody Law and Practice (McLeod) Browse
  • Domestic Contracts (Stark and MacLise) Browse
  • Enforcement of Family Law Orders and Agreements (Wilton and Miyauchi) Browse
  • Family Law Act of Ontario (MacDonald) Browse
  • Matrimonial Property Law in Canada (McLeod and Mamo) Browse
  • Spousal Support Commentary (Wilton & Semple) Browse


  • British Columbia Family Law Practice (Huddart, Brown) (2014) Browse
  • Family Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Practice (Landau, Wolfson, Laudau) (2009) Browse
  • Ontario Family Law Practice (Steinberg, Perkins, Lenkinski and James) (2014) Browse
  • Wilson on Children and the Law Browse  



  • Canadian Immigration & Refugee Law Practice (Waldman) (2013) Browse
  • Immigration Law and Practice  Browse

Information Technology and Telecommunications


      • Canadian Lawyer's Internet Guide (Eisen) (1997) Browse
      • Le droit des technologies de l'information au Québec  Browse
      • Ramsay on Technology Transfers (2013)  Browse



  • General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law (Billingsley) (2008) Browse
  • Insurance Bad Faith (Hilliker) (2009) Browse
  • Liability Insurance Law in Canada (Hilliker) (2011) Browse
  • Ontario Insurance Law and Commentary (Teitelbaum) (2014) Browse
  • Ontario Motor Vehicle Insurance Practice Manual  Browse

Intellectual Property

IPSource on WestlawNext

  • Annotated Patent Act (Stratton) Browse
  • Annotated Robic Leger : Canadian Copyright Act Annotated (Carrière) Browse
  • Annotated Robic Leger: Canadian Trade-Marks Act Annotated (Richard) Browse
  • Computer, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law (Sookman) Browse
  • Fox on Canadian Law of Copyright and Industrial Designs (McKeown) Browse
  • Fox on Canadian Law of Trade-marks and Unfair Competition (Gill) Browse
  • Intellectual Property Disputes: Resolutions and Remedies (Dimock) Browse
  • Life Sciences Law in Canada (Blanchard) Browse
  • Odutola on Canadian Trade-mark Practice Browse
  • Technology Contracting: Law, Precedents and Commentary (Limpert) Browse

International Law


      • Castel & Walker: Canadian Conflict of Laws  Browse
      • Vente internationale dans la pratique (Darankoum)  Browse

Labour and Employment


  • Canadian Construction Labour and Employment Law  Browse
  • Canadian Collective Bargaining Law (Rayner) (2007) Browse
  • Le devoir de juste représentation (2009) (Martel and Moreau)  Browse
  • Employment Law in Canada (Barnacle and Wood) Browse
  • Employment Litigation Manual (Knight, Goodfellow, and Overholt) Browse
  • Palmer & Snyder: Collective Agreement Arbitration in Canada (Bendel, et al.) (2013) Browse
  • Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual  (Mole and Stendon)  Browse

WestlawNext Labour Source

  • Canadian Labour Arbitration (Brown & Beatty)  Browse
  • Canadian Labour Law (Adams)  Browse
  • Labour Arbitration: The Year in Review (Willis & Winkler)  Browse
  • Willis & Winkler on Leading Labour Cases Browse
  • Collective Bargaining and Agreement (Corry)  Browse
  • Collective Agreement Handbook (Saxe & McLean)  Browse

Landlord and Tenant


  • Residential Tenancies in Ontario (Fleming) (2010) Browse

Local Government


  • Government Procurement (Emanuelli)  (2012) Browse

Natural Resources


  • The Canadian Brownfields Manual  Browse
  • Canadian Mining Law  Browse
  • Canadian Oil and Gas Browse
  • Manual of Oil and Gas Terms (Williams & Meyers)   
  • (2010) Browse
  • The Oil and Gas Lease in Canada (Ballem) (2008) Browse
  • Ontario Energy Law: Electricity (Clark, Stoll, Cass) (2012) Browse

Property Law


  • The Canadian Law of Mortgages of Land (Roach)  (2010) Browse
  • Real Estate Practice in Ontario (Donahue, Quinn & Grandilli) (2010) Browse
  • Title Searching and Conveyancing in Ontario (Moore) (2010) Browse

Securities Law

SecuritiesSource on WestlawNext

  • Securities Law and Practice Browse



  • Aviation Liability Law (2013) Browse
  • Canadian Tort Law (Linden, Feldthusen) (2011) Browse
  •  The Law of Nuisance in Canada (Pun, Hall) (2010) Browse

Wills and Estates

Estates and Trusts Source on WestlawNext


  • Alberta - Estate Administration Manual Browse
  • Atlantic Canada - Estate Administration Manual Browse
  • British Columbia - Estate Administration Manual Browse
  • Manitoba - Estate Administration Manual Browse
  • Ontario - Estate Administration Manual Browse
  • Saskatchewan - Estate Administration Manual Browse


  • Estate Litigation (Schnurr) Browse
  • Estate Planning Handbook (Allen and Quinlan) Browse,
  • Estate Planning Precedents (Histrop) Browse
  • Waters' Law of Trusts in Canada Browse
  • Widdifield on Executors and Trustees Browse