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Proview looseleafs by subject:

Civil Practice & Procedure

Holmested and Watson: Ontario Civil Procedure
Garry D. Watson


The Charter of Rights in Litigation: Direction from the The Supreme Court of Canada
Gerard J. Kennedy (formerly Mahmud Jamal, Matthew Taylor, and David Stratas)


Business Corporations in Canada: Legal and Practical Aspects
Paul Martel

Gray's Commentaries on Federal Corporate Laws
Wayne D. Gray

Profiting from Risk Management and Compliance
Todd Archibald and Kenneth E. Jull


Canadian Criminal Procedure
Roger E. Salhany

Employment & Labour

Clarke's Canada Industrial Relations Board
Graham J. Clarke

Education Labour and Employment Law in Ontario
Sheilagh Turkington and Christopher Perri

Wrongful Dismissal
David Harris

Estates & Trusts

Widdifield on Executors and Trustees
Carmen S. Thériault


The Law of Witnesses and Evidence in Canada (formerly titled Witnesses)
Peter Sankoff (formerly Alan W. Mewett and Peter Sankoff)


Canadian Divorce Law and Practice
James C. MacDonald, Lee K. Ferrier

Family Property Law & Practice in Canada (formerly Matrimonial Property Law in Canada)
Ann Wilton, Gary Joseph (formerly James G. McLeod, Alfred A. Mamo)

Parenting Law and Practice in Canada (formerly titled Child Custody Law and Practice)
Ann Wilton, Gary S. Joseph, and Tara Train

Human Rights

Discrimination and the Law: Including Equality Rights Under the Charter
William Pentney

Intellectual Property

Fox on Canadian Law of Trade-marks and Unfair Competition
A. Kelly Gill

Intellectual Property Disputes: Resolutions and Remedies
Ronald E. Dimock

Sookman: Computer, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law
Barry B. Sookman

Real Estate

Anger & Honsberger Law of Real Property
Anne Warner La Forest

Regulation of Professions

Accountants' Liability in Canada
Ronald Foerester

Science and Law

Life Sciences Law in Canada
Adrienne M. Blanchard


Securities Law & Practice
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP