Group Study Rooms

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Study room information and policies

***During the summer please book the group study rooms at the circulation desk rather than through our online system.

  • 11 Group Study rooms on Levels 2 and 3 are available to be booked online for collaborative study.
  • Group Study room bookings are made through the Online Booking System, with a valid UTORid, and are available 7 days a week, during the library hours of operation.

  • Rooms P238, P240 and P242 on Level 2 (adjacent to Torys Hall) can accommodate up to 6 persons (see map).

  • Rooms P334, P336, P338, P353, P355, P365, P367, P369  on Level 3 can accommodate up to 8 persons (see map)

  • Group study rooms may be booked and used ONLY by current students at the Faculty of Law.

  • Rooms are available for groups of 4 or more students only.  If fewer than four students occupy a study room, library staff will request that the person(s) move to another study area in the library.

  • Group study rooms are locked using a FOB system. In order to access a study room you will have to go to the Circulation Desk and sign-out the FOB for the particular room that was reserved online. You will need a valid T-Card to do this. Please note that over-staying your booking may result in late fees.

  • If the group who booked a study room is more than 10 minutes late for the booking, another group may occupy the room for the remainder of the booked session.

  • Students may book up to two sessions at a time. There is a limit of 1 booking per day and a maximum of 2 hours per session.  This ensures fair access to study rooms for all students.

  • Eating is not permitted in the study rooms, and students using the rooms are expected to abide by the Library Code of Conduct. Anyone who does not observe the room booking policy, or Library Code of Conduct may have study room