Group Study Rooms

Information and Policies:

  • 11 group study rooms on Levels 2 and 3 are available to be booked online for collaborative study.
  • Bookings are made through the Online Booking System with a valid UTORid and are available 7 days a week during the library's hours of operation.

  • Rooms P238, P240 and P242 on Level 2 (adjacent to Torys Hall) can accommodate up to 6 persons (see map).

  • Rooms P334, P336, P338, P353, P355, P365, P367, P369 on Level 3 can accommodate up to 8 persons (see map)

  • Group study rooms may be booked and used ONLY by current students at the Faculty of Law.

  • The doors to the group study rooms are unlocked and FOBs will not be required to open them.
  • If the group who booked a study room is more than 10 minutes late for the booking, another group may occupy the room for the remainder of the booked session.

  • Students may book up to two sessions at a time. There is a limit of 1 booking per day and a maximum of 2 hours per session. This ensures fair access to study rooms for all students.

  • Eating is not permitted in the study rooms, and students using the rooms are expected to abide by the Library Code of Conduct.

  • Anyone who does not observe the room booking policies or the Library Code of Conduct may have study room privileges revoked.

Book a Group Study Room