Step 3: Noting Up - Cases

  •  "Noting up" means verifying whether a particular case is still relevant and that it has not been reversed on appeal, or has been criticized or overruled by subsequent cases.
  • Noting up a case may also lead you to find other, more recent cases dealing with similar facts or principles by following the chain of cases you are noting up (for example, you note up Case A and find out that it was relied upon for Case M; you then note up Case M and find out it was relied upon for Case T; and you then note up Case T, and so on).

How to Note Up Cases Online:

  • The most effective means of noting-up a case is by using the Quickcite feature of LexisNexis/Quicklaw or the Keycite feature of Westlaw Canada.
  • After you have pulled up the full-text of a case, note it up quickly and easily by clicking on the appropriate button near the top left of the screen.
  • The Quickcite or Keycite feature will provide a history of the case as well as its judicial treatment. Links to the full-text of citing cases are also provided.
  • In important situations, you should check both of these databases as you might get slightly different results in each one.

How to Note Up Cases in Print:

  • Canadian Case Citations – is the main tool for noting up cases.  It provides an alphabetical list of cases which have received judicial consideration.
  • Under each case is information, including the history (such as whether it has been appealed), treatment (has it been considered in other cases).
  • Also includes citations to later citing cases and any judicial consideration of foreign cases considered by Canadian courts.

How do you use Canadian Case Citations?

1. Look up the name of the case in the main bound volume of Canadian Case Citations

2.  Update using soft cover Supplement.

3.  Make sure to check all subsequent Supplements, including monthly Supplements.

4. Check Terms and Symbols used to understand the terminology and symbols used at the bottom of each entry. For a detailed list of symbols, refer to inside front cover of any volume of the Canadian Case Citations.