Economic Globalization

Women have been particularly affected by the recent trend towards economic globalization. Economic globalization refers to a progression of policies and practices geared towards minimizing trade barriers across national borders and encouraging global economic integration. The move towards economic globalization has created new challenges for the enforcement of human rights at the national and international level.

The material in this section of the WHRR database examines the role of international economic institutions, the formulation and implementation of international trade policies, and their impact from a women's rights perspective. It also touches on women's ability to influence international trade agendas. Particular attention is paid to women's labour rights, as well as to new challenges in the enforcement and protection of women's rights in light of recent shifts in the global economic order.

Some commentators have drawn connections between global economic restructuring, labour migration, and the trafficking of women across borders. If you are interested in these connections, you may also wish to consult the Refugees and Immigration section of this database. The section on Social and Economic Rights may also be useful.

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