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Women's Human Rights Logo. The Women's Human Rights Resources Programme (WHRR) collects, organizes and disseminates information on women's human rights law to facilitate research, teaching and cooperation. The information introduces women's human rights law in general, emphasizes selected international and Canadian topics, and explores the interconnections between domestic and international human rights law.




 Women's Human Rights Resources Database 

This database lists hundreds of resources -- articles, documents and links -- related to international women's rights law and Canadian women's rights law. Annotations describe the content of each resource. Users can search by keyword and author as well as browse by women's rights topic. Full-text documents are provided where available.

To search the database or browse by topic, use the menu on the left if you are using a desktop device or scroll down to the bottom of the page if you are using a mobile device. 

John and Mary Yaremko Forum in Multiculturalism and Human Rights: WHRR 20th Anniversary Symposium: November 2, 2015 

Women's Human Rights in International Criminal Tribunals: The Real Story" (video) presented by Valerie Oosterveld, Associate Dean at the University of Western Ontario’s Faculty of Law, in honour of the Women's Human Rights Resources 20th anniversary. 


Collection of Documents Relating to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada

This collection of documents brings together reports, press statements, and various other documents that shed light on the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada. This collection was developed by the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action and has been subsequently expanded on by the Bora Laskin Law Library at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. 

Canada. Report of the Committee on the Operation of the Abortion Law, (Ottawa: Ministry of Supplies and Services, 1977) (Chair: Robin Badgley)

The Report of the Committee on the Operation of the Abortion Law (1977), commonly known as the “Badgley Report” in honour of its Chair, Robin F. Badgley, was commissioned by the Government of Canada. This report showed, among other things, that the criminal abortion law operated inequitably across Canada.It provided a factual basis which was instrumental in the Supreme Court’s finding of a violation of the right to the security of the person in the 1998 Morgentaler Decision..  

Research Guides and Bibliographies

Research guides and bibliographies prepared by WHRR on a variety of issues relating to women's human rights.

Research Guides


Student Symposium on Women's Rights Law

Papers presented at the WHRR Student Symposium on Women's Rights Law in October 2006

Bird, Kathryn. "Neglected Obligations: Canada 's Disregard for the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women" [abstract] [fulltext]

Henry, Odette. "A Rights' Debate in Canada: Abuse is wrong in any language, except when you have no status" [abstract] [fulltext]

Howard, Susannah. "Systemic Discrimination and Women's Human Rights: Formulating Effective Remedies for States' Responsibility to Protect Women from Domestic Violence" [abstract] [fulltext]

Kelly, Lisa. "Due Diligence in the Protection of Women's Human Rights: Re-Visiting M.C. v. Bulgaria" [abstract]

Luk, Stella. " The Live-in Caregiver Program: Causes and Consequences" [abstract] [fulltext]

John and Mary Yaremko Forum on Multiculturalism and Human Rights: Student Symposium on Women's Human Rights: March 6, 2009


Keri Bennett

Family Responsibilities Discrimination in the Americas: Transformative Potential of the Human Rights Claim. [abstract]

Candice Telfer

Intersectionality as the Missing Link to Substantive Equality. [abstract]

Milton Castelen

Women’s Rights, Reproductive Health Rights and Public Health Considerations in Decriminalizing Abortion in the Republic Suriname.[abstract]

Paper Presentations

Cara Davies

Stereotyping and the New Women-protective Antiabortion Movement
[abstract] [paper]

Erin Hallock

Gender Stereotypes and Canadian Immigration: An Analysis of Baker v. Canada in Light of Article 5(a) of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. [abstract] [paper]

Zannah Johnston

Decisions of the CEDAW Committee: Lack of Consistency in Admissibility Decisions. [abstract] [paper]

Shayan Shaffie

Stereotyping as Institution: On Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins and the Socio-Structural Roots of Gender Discrimination.
[abstract] [paper]

Jennifer Simpson

Stereotyping Sex Workers: S.v Jordan and others. [paper]

Anaïs Tobalagba

Mississippi University for Women v. Hogan, 458 U.S. 718 (1982) per Justice O’Connor (United States, Supreme Court): a case revisited under CEDAW. [abstract] [paper]

The Women’s Human Rights Resources Programme thanks John and Mary Yaremko for generously funding this Symposium